Need quick help!

What does Tw2 mean? I have the book instructructions:
Twist 2 sts by knitting two stitches tog and leaving them on left hand needle, then knit the first stitch again, dropping both stsoff needle tog. Easy for them to say! Any pictures of this procedure. Is there a twist or back hand knit somewhere in this stitch? Help! Baby due any day. Thanks T[/b]

I think this is similar to what you are doing, but she does it over 3 instead of 2.

I TOTALLY understand – I’m a very visual knitter and like videos. :thumbsup: I couldn’t find one for you, but I’ll try to give you my explanation. Hopefully, reading all of our different replies will help.

[color=blue]Tw2 is like a K2tog, except you’re doing[/color] one extra little thing [color=blue]before slipping the 2 K2tog sts off the left needle.[/color] Abbreviation for below: LH=left hand and RH=right hand and CC=counter-clockwise

Insert your RH needle for a K2tog and wrap the yarn CC as usual. With your RH needle, pull a single loop through the 2 stitches. You should [color=red]stop[/color] and see the following before moving on: 1) 2 stitches from the K2tog still sitting in the same position on your LH needle; and 2) one new loop sitting on your RH needle (the one you pulled through when doing K2tog).

Your RH needle is now free to do anything! Don’t worry that you haven’t “completed” the K2tog by sliding the first 2 sts off the LH needle! You have to do ONE more thing before completing Tw2. Read on…

OK, now knit into the first st on your LH needle (the same first st from your K2tog). Now you have 2 loops on the RH needle. It is now time to finally slide the first 2 sts off your LH needle. They have been used and abused! :lol: In the entire process of Tw2, only the first and second sts on your LH needle were used.

Good luck! :cheering: