Need pro help about cast off

Hi, i am a beginner and trying to knit a sweater for my kid. But i really don’t understand this pattern “Cast off 4 st at both sides, 2 st before, and after both side markers. Front and back piece now has 46(52)57(64)74 st each.”

im knitting with circular needle and i have 48st in one side and 50st in the other side. if i cast off/bind off 2st before and after markers then it won’t be 46st in front piece. I’m so confused so i really need experts help. I’m sorry if I’m not good at english.

It sounds like you should have 50sts on each side before doing the bind offs. Then when you bind off you’ll have 46sts on each side. Without seeing the pattern, I’d say bind off one stitch on each end on one side (front or back, whichever has 48sts) and 2sts on each end of the other side so that you end up with 46sts on each side. You’ll have 3sts bound off at each armhole (I’m guessing armholes here). This may or may not work depending on the pattern stitch you’re working for the front and back.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

Thank you for your help!
The problem is that i have to have 48st and 50st if I’m not wrong at reading pattern or if it was like you wrote then i did totally wrong…

I bought this pattern so i can’t link it but i had 100st(50 and 50) in middle of my work, and after that it says like this “Do the dec as follows: k one st (after the first st marker where round begins) – k 2 tog. K until 3 st before next st m (the other side) – k 2 tog twisted/in the back loop.
K until the work measures 23 cm in total (measured in the front).
Cast off 4 st at both sides, 2 st before, and after both side markers. Front and back piece now has 46 st each.”

What do you think?

It sounds like you’ve followed the directions perfectly. Since this is a purchased pattern, contact the designer and ask about the discrepancy.
You can also read ahead in the pattern and see how many sts are required to complete front and back. It’s possible that it’s just the stitch count (50sts front and back) that is in error.

What is the name of the pattern? A check of the projects on Ravelry may turn up others who have come across the same problem.

I asked the designer and she answered “48st is the correct number” only so i got confused…
I parched the pattern from Paelas: Pusetopp

Again, Thank you so much for your answer!