Need prayers

My brother and sister in law live out in Lake Tahoe, NVwhere they are being faced with horrible fires right now. They have their business in South Lake Tahoe only 1/2 a mile from where the fire is right now. It has destroyed over 220 homes including one of their employee who thankfully was able to get her family and horses out before her home was completly destroyed. They are staying with their business while they still can. I’m so worried about them as well as my baby niece (she’s in my avatar), it would be so horrible for something to happen to their business but I’m mostly concerned with their safety right now. Prayers would be much appreciated.:hug:


They’ll be in my thoughts!

How scary!! I’ll keep them in my prayers, keep us updated on them!

I’ll be thinking of them - and you - too!




Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone. I talked to my brother last night and they are doing alright. Fortunatly where they live isn’t so close to the fire but their business is. He spent hours on the roof wetting it down because there are ambers flying around and catching small fires everywhere. Apparently the weather has gotten cooler and the wind has lessened some so that is good for the firefighters to help control it a bit more. Thank God there haven’t been reports of anyone killed or injured:pray: but its horrible how many people have been devasted by this (over 700 acres have burned).

My brother told me they were doing a pick-up (he owns a wedding rental business) near the area when the fire began to spread on Sunday and the flames were over 100 feet high! He said it sounded like trees were exploding and the huge trees were just crumbeling down. The fire officials are thinking that someone probably started the fire, whether on purpose or accident is unknown.

My goodness, I can’t imagine! I have put them on my prayer list and will certainly pray for them and you.


I’m glad you were able to speak to your brother, I hope he and his family stay safe.

We’re having floods here at the moment, strange the way the world works.

That area is so beautiful. I hope they get the fire controlled very soon. :pray: :heart:

These are some pictures if anyone wants to see. My brother and SIL were doing the wedding at the bottom of the page on Sunday. It made for some interesting wedding photos.

I’ve never seen wedding photos with a wildfire as a back drop before. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’m really sorry about all the damage from this fire.

Any more news? How is brother and family?

My brother and the fam are fine, they were very lucky that their business wasn’t damaged. The firefighters out there did an amazing job at containing the fire, there were over 1000 of them, can you imagine?!?! It seems like its back to business as usual for people and picking up the pieces to kind of get on with everything.

My brother and SIL are collecting anything they can for people, especially their employee Marsha and her family who lost everything. She was lucky enough to get all of her family and pets (including her horses) out in time before anyone could be hurt. If anyone is interested in donating anything (clothes, blankets, etc.) it can be sent to:
The Hudsons
C/O EventMasters
2089 James Ave.
South Lake Tahoe
Ca 96150
I thought I’d put it out there as an option if anyone is interested. I’m going to knit up a afgan, and maybe some things like socks and hats as well to send off.

sending prayers and hugs- those fires are just so frightening.