Need pattern please!

OK socks are def put to one side cos I frogged - again lol

can anyone help find me a nice easy pattern to knit with this lot?

These nice colours came with a toy mag I bought years back…but. I seem to have disposed of the mag! doh!

Any pattern thoughts? I THINK all the yarn is DK - it feels like …but then again it feels like 4 ply/sportweight fos its really…thin lol. thats the only way I can describe it! Help?

Great colors and amazing that there’s so little information on the ballband. You can get a better idea of weight if you estimate the number of wraps per inch. Take one of the yarns and wrap it around and around a ruler or a large knitting needle (diameter doesn’t matter) so that the wraps touch each other. You don’t need a special tool for this. Now count the number of wraps in a given length and calculate the wraps per inch. This table gives some conversions to yarn weight.

If you give us the actual yarn name and/or the gauge on the label we can help you better. The yarn can be looked up on Ravelry and the gauge is always a good way to tell what weight the yarn is.

I for one was unable to ID this yarn. As it came with a mag, the lable may have been special made and therefore, does not match anything I could find. The yarn info was probably in the mag.

Bright patchwork baby blanket
Bright Child’s cardigan/sweater

guys the yarn doesn’t have an actual name - its called Daisy but I think that was the name for the toy from the mag i HAD! So annoyed i threw it out :frowning:

If it were my yarn I would want to know what it’s made of. If it doesn’t tell on the label, I’dtest it. I’d then grab some needles that look to be an appropriate size and knit a swatch. Based on that I’d figure out what it would be good for. Sometimes we just have to get in there and play with the stuff. Whatever the yarn really is, fiber and weight, etc., I’m sure that if you start knitting something will come to you. Have fun! and don’t sweat it so much. It is only knitting and not worth having a crisis over. :wink:

Ok pattern sorted - i think! aha i’ll be busy tomorrow :slight_smile: