Need pattern ideas

hey everyone!

when i first learned to knit a few months ago, i went and bought a ton of yarn without really paying attention to the texture, gauge, etc. i just bought anything that caught my fancy! but now i have a huge bag of acrylic and baby soft yarn with no clue as to what to do with them. i don’t want to make any accessories like scarves or hats with them since i prefer softer yarns to wear, and i don’t know anyone with a baby whom i could make baby clothes for. here are the yarns with their guages and colors, maybe someone could help me come up with an idea on how to use them? (by the way, if anyone really wants to trade these yarns with me, i’d be more than glad to do so!)

  1. 4 skeins Lion Brand Baby Soft Yarn in Baby White. Gauge 22sts by 30rs=4inches with Size 6 needles.
  2. Caron 100% Acrylic, Worsted Weight, 4 ply in Victorian Rose. Gauge 16 sts by 20rs=4 inches with Size 10 needles (i think, i can’t really tell the needle size for sure).
  3. Aunt Lydia’s Fast Five Crochet Thread in silver, 93% Mercerized Cotton, 7% Metallic Yarn, size 5 crochet needle.
  4. Aunt Lydia’s 100% Mercerized Cotton in purple, size 7 needles.
  5. One skein each of Red Heart acrylic, in red and blue.

I know there’s some crochet thread here, which wasn’t too bright–I wanted to make a cell phone cozy for my sister (you know the pattern in Stitch ‘n’ Bitch?I wonder if anyone here knows how to adjust that pattern or something?) Sorry for the long and tedious message and thanks for your help!

Baby yarn isn’t just for babies! I love it for things I want to be extra soft. Just hold a few strands together if you don’t want your work to be super-fine.

The thread could be used in lace, should you wish to adventure.

Acrylic is great for blankets, because it washes fabulously.

actually, i was thinking of using the baby yarn to try and knit a lace shawl, i just wasn’t sure if that would be ok. thanks for the idea!

If there’s something that you really don’t think you’d end up wearing, why don’t you knit some baby stuff for charity? Just a thought :smiley: