Need pattern ideas please


i’m looking for 2 patterns for a friends boys, the sizes i want to do are 4 year old and 1 year old jumpers (or something really easy and quick to knit).

i have a few ideas, but am not 100% sure that they are right for the boys. i don’t know the boys or their mum that well, but she’s having a really tough time at the moment so i thought it may just out a smile on her face.

any ideas very greatfully recivede. i have had a look around on ine, for the free patterns (i don’t mind buying the pattern if they are for 4 years + as i have a 3 year old boy myself, but anything smaller i don’t see to buying as i won’t use it again.

any ideas i would be very greatful for


How about something with a star on it? I think those are very boy-ish, and you can change the colors however you would like. In fact, I’d put the star more in the middle of the chest.


that star pattern is fantastic. i am definatly gona make that (for my son as well coz he really dosen’t have enough jumpers, he only has about 15/20 sitting in his wadrobe lol).

i love that, its the best one i’ve seen in ages

thank you sooooo muh

susi :cheering:

So glad to be of help. Also if you can ever get your hands on this book

There are a couple star sweaters for boys in there, the Hero for the larger size and Mickey for the baby size. I think the book is out of print, but I got mine off eBay, or perhaps you can still find it in a library or knitting shop. All of the patterns in there are very nice and timeless, I like them all, well, except for maybe the leopard print things. :wink: