Need pattern idea

I bought the last skein :woohoo:of Moda Dea Lazy Daisy yarn for $1.99 yesterday at the yarn shop…I couldn’t resist (this stuff normally sells for $6.99!). So I have 77 yards of [COLOR=red]this[/COLOR] stuff (in purple), and I was wondering if anyone has any pattern ideas for me??? Thanks!

Well… offhand I don’t know…maybe a scarf?

Scarf? Fingerless gloves?- not sure if the gloves would work since the description states the yarn “blooms.”


Thanks for the input…
I’ve decided on a couple of headbands. And this stuff is a challenge to knit with! All those little “puffies” are driving me insane!

I didn’t want to say anything since you seemed excited to have it, but I hate novelty yarns. They are a pain in the butt, plus all that work and you can’t really see the stitches. :doh:

I know! I know!
Will I ever learn?!?

What about a little bag to hold your knitting notions?