Need pattern help


Can you please help me with this one part of a pattern please???

In the instructions section, there are instructions for a “twisted cord”. What in the world is this for and where does it go???

Thank you

I can’t remember my info at the moment so can’t see it. I think the twisted cord is like an I-cord only twisted. Is there a tie or handle on what you’re making? What is it?

The pom poms attach to the ends of the twisted cords. If you look at the directions for the pom poms you’ll see how to place the twisted cord. It’s woven through the cowl and the pom poms are attached to each end. On the hat, it’s just tied into a bow with the pom poms on each end and then sewn onto the hat.

There must be some good directions for how to do a twisted cord somewhere. Try a Google search for the term. My husband is an expert at it. It is akin to rope making only with yarn on a small scale instead of rope fiber on a large scale. You basically twist a few strands of yarn in one direction until they are quite twisted up, put those on hold somehow, then do it again. Usually you make three but can have different numbers of plys in your cord to work with. You twist all of those the same direction. Then you hold those 3 twisted together and twist them the other direction. DH uses a drill to twist but you can do it by hand. It makes a very professional looking cord. I don’t do it, DH always makes any I need. :wink:

Well I must say, DH just has you spoiled!!!

However, it does say to have someone else hold the other end of the yarn. Why cant I just make a chain like in crocheting?

Well I am sure I will figure it out once I get to that point. If not, guess where I’m going to put my questions!!! :cheering:

it’s making more sense now :slight_smile:

Great! The twisted cord is a nice technique to know but you could certainly substitute a crocheted chain.
And, of course, Judy is right, there’s a video for this.

Well I must say, DH just has you spoiled!!!

You are so right here. He spoils me in many ways. :lol:

You could substitute a crocheted chain, a thin i-cord, maybe a little braid made of yarn, but the twisted cord is nice.