Need pattern help

I’m very new to knitting and I’m having a hard time with a pattern i’m working on. It’s a pattern for baby booties I found online. The instep is what is giving me trouble. The pattern is:

Next row (RS) place first and last 10 (12, 14) sts on a holder
And work 11 (13, 13) rows in garter st on center 10 sts. Cut yarn.
Next row (RS) Work 10 (12, 14) sts from right holder, pick up and k 7 (8, 9) sts along side
of instep,
work center 10 sts on needle, pick up and k 7 (8, 9) sts along other side of instep, work 10
(12, 14) sts from left holder - 44 (50, 56) sts.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve worked the 11 rows in garter st on the center 10 sts but I’m not sure what to do after that. When it says “work 10 sts from right holder” do I have to knit those. also, if that is the case and i work in the order it states it seems like I would have to cut the yarn quite a few times. I know I’m probably overthinking this but I seriously can’t figure it out. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to Knitting Help! We all tend to over think especially when we’re new to knitting. :slight_smile: you have to cut the yarn because your working on a different section. You’ll just weave those ends in when you’re done with the bootie. And I’d assume you’d just knit in garter since it doesn’t say otherwise. Is the whole bootie garter stitch?

I haven’t worked it so there may be something I’m missing, but it seems like you only need to cut the yarn one time (the place they say, "Cut yarn.)

Then put the 10 stitches from the holder on the right on a needle you can work off of (it could be a smaller size if you need it to be) toward the flap you made with the 11 rows, knit across those 10 stitches, then pick up the stitches along the size of the rectangle you made with the 11 rows of garter stitch. Then you’ll work across the 10 at the end of the rectangle you made, now pick up the stitches on the other side of the rectangle. Now you are next to the left holder. Put those stitches back on a needle so that you can work them and work across those 10 stitches. Now you have 44 stitches. I think you are probably going to be using 3 dpns for all of that and will be working in the round after this. Is that right?

I know when I first started out, it was hard for me to picture this. I think you can do this, you’re just not aware of how this should all go together. You’ve knitted the cuff. Then you’re going to place the stitches on holders at the right and left side of this piece and knit the center stitches. This thing should look like an upside down letter T. The instep is the top of the foot, in case you didn’t know. Once you knit the top of the foot to the proper length, you will reattach your yarn. Knit across the stitches placed on hold on the left, pick up stitches on the left side of the flap you just knitted, knit across the top stitches, pick up stitches on the other side of the flap, and finally knit the last set of stitches that were on holders. You will knit for a bit and this will form the sides of the bootie as well as the bottom of the sole. You can join these and knit them on double points if you wish. These can also be knit on two needles. This will look funny but you will see how it comes together when you sew the bottom of the sole and the back heel seam.

Thanks so much for all of your help!! I was totally overthining it and trying to pick up the stitches in the wrong place. I was trying to make it work with how I was picturing it and not how it was actually written. Thanks again!