Need pattern help

Hi I have a bootie pattern that I’m working on - about 3 inches into the bootie the pattern tells me to K28 turn, p15, turn then on 15 sts work 16 rows but I have 41 stitches on my needle. What do I do with the remaining stitches?

Do you have a link to the pattern?

Just leave the other sts there. You’ll probably pick them up and work on them later.

Unfortunately it is not an electronic pattern so I cannot provide a link but here is the portion of the pattern that I’m struggling with. I have the cuff of the bootie completed and then the next section is titled “Divide for top of foot”

k28 turn, p15 turn.
On 15 sts, work 16 rows.
Break yarn.
With RS facing, (13 sts on needle),
rejoin and pick up 11 sts along side of foot, 15 sts from toe, 11 sts along side of foot and 13 sts on needle. (63 sts total)
Knit 13 rows.

My initial thought is to leave the unworked stitches on the “left hand” needle and continue working the pattern but since the pattern says to break the yarn before picking up the extra stitchs for shaping it’s really confusing me.

You pick up the sts along the edges of the 16 row piece you’re knitting which will look something like an upside down T. You’ll be picking up starting where the arm intersects the vertical piece, so you won’t have the yarn where you need it unless you start with a new end. You can put the left over sts on a holder if you want; that will keep them out of the way at least.

Thank you! Once I got the 16 rows done it all started to make sens:woot: :woot: e and fall into place! Thank you all for your help!

Yep, a pattern usually makes more sense to just do it with the yarn and needles, than to try and visualize it.