Need Pattern Help

I am knitting mittens (a first for me!) from Ann Budd’s The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns, Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and Gauges.

The patterns in this book, being for multiple sizes and gauges are generic patterns w/ charts throughout to follow your specific choices. It’s pretty straightforward, but I’m confused by this…

"Knit across 15sts, pm, MIL, k1, MIR, pm, knit to end -2 sts inc’d;3 gusset sts bet markers. Knit 1 rnd even. [I]Inc rnd:[/I] Knit to m, slip m, MIL, knit to next m, MIR, slip m, knit to end - 2 sts inc’d.

Beg w/ next rnd, inc 2 sts inside gusset markers according to inc rnd every 2 rnds (if number is zero, omit these rnds):"
Size/Gauge chart follows here
My size/gauge actually shows zero, so moving to the next section…basically the same instructions w/ it becoming every 3 rnds. The chart shows 2 times for my size/gauge.

The 1st increase round I understand. Then I assume “Knit 1 rnd even.” means knit St st for 1 round. Is that right?

Then, I’m not quite sure I’m getting it right. Here is what I see round by round:

Initial increasing round
Knit 1 round even
Increasing round
Knit 1 round even
Knit 1 round even
Increasing round
Knit 1 round even
Knit 1 round even
Then move on to the next part of the pattern

Am I counting correctly?
Thanks knitters!

It sounds like you are thinking correctly to me. Knit one round even means to work that row without any increases. If you are doing St st then, yes, you would do it in that stitch.

Your counts sound right. :cheering:

Thank you:muah:
I’ll go try it!