Need Pattern Help

The hat pattern says cast on with dpn using 2 strands of wool and this I think means using double strands of yarn cast on with double pointed needles, but then it says to join the knitting, how do I join these stitches?

Okay, first of all-- yes, you are supposed to knit this with 2 strands of wool, held togther, as if they were 1. Unless this is done in something called “double knitting”, for the entire project, you are going to act as if you are knitting with 1 strand of yarn. Whatever the yarn is, they want it to be as if it were twice as thick.

Now, as for joining-- You are going to be knitting this “in the round”. In other words, instead of knitting a flat piece of fabric, you are going to knit a tube, which is nice because it means no seams to sew up afterwards! It sounds as if you’re using DPNs? You’re going to be knitting around 3 or 4 of the needles (depending on your set of DPNs and the directions in the pattern), and working with another one. Have you seen circular needles? The DPNs are like a circular that has been broken into 3 or 4 sections.

When you cast on, you’ve got to join that whole string of stitches together to make a complete circle (or triangle if you’re using 3 needles to work on, or a square if you’re using 4 needles to work on, but it will knit as a circle). This is the easy part-- just pull the last DPN and the first DPN really close together and just start knitting. That’s all you have to do. I think it probably shows you this in the videos, above. Just pull them together as tightly as possible (without breaking the yarn or the needles!) so that you won’t have a gap or space between the first stitch and last stitch of each round.

The one thing to be careful of when you join the very first round is “twisting” the stitches. It may warn you of that in the pattern. Make sure your stitches are lines up straight on all the needles so that you don’t twist your cast on stitches.

You join the same way as if you were using only one strand of yarn. Lay the dpns out in a line with the working yarn on the right neede, then bring the needles together into a circle and knit into the first st on the left needle.

Halfway down the page here you will see a video for using DPNs and Amy shows how to join easily without twisting your row.

When using DPNs you generally cast your stitches on to one needle, then distribute then according to your pattern. So, say you’re told to cast on 60 stitches then join with 20 stitches on each needle.

Cast on your stitches, and take an empty needle and put 20 stitches over on that needle (no knitting, you’re just transferring stitches over) then take 20 stitches off the other end of the needle (hello double points!) Make sure your cast on row is not twisted. You should be able to easily make a little triangle to check the stitches.

Now, where you have the open side, begin knitting (or purling, whatever your pattern calls for) This is your join and your 2nd row. It will also end up being what’s called, in in the round knitting, your center stitch.

The most important thing at the join is making sure you have not twisted your row. It’s so easy even I can do it, so you’ll ace it for certain.