Need pattern help with loop fringe

I am almost finished with the squares for the throw - 3 more to go - and so have had a look at how to make up.

I have decided to do a loop fringe edge as it looks the nicest, but am not quite sure how to do it :shrug:

The pattern says:
Pick up and K115sts
Row 1: P to end
Row 2: *cast on 5 stitches purlwise then cast of same 5sts purlwise, p2, rep from * to last st, cast on 5sts purlwise, cast off same 5 sts purlwise, cast off entire row purlwise

I am a bit confused… where do I cast the 5 on from?
and if I go left to purl 5, right to cast them off, where do I p2?
and then how do I cast on 5 on the last stitch???

Help!!! Please!!!

I looks like you cast on 5 more stitches at the end of the row for the first fringe. Basically cast them on then bind them off on the way back. Then you p2 from the stitches on the edge of the blanket, cast on 5 to the point of that needle, and bind them off on the way back.

Thanks for the help Ingrid, I guess I am being a bit thick as I am still not getting it!
I suppose the only way is to have a go and see what happens!!! Although at the moment I am considering a tassle fringe as I need to have it finished by tomorrow!!!

I have a feeling the knitted fringe will take forever, anyway!

Me too!!! Best left for when I am a bit more proficient :rofl:
Thanks anyway :lol: