Need pattern help please!

Good afternoon! I found a pattern on Ravelry and I am having a problem understanding part of it. I was wondering if anyone could please help a girl out!!

The part I am having trouble with is as follows:

[RS] Row 1: multiple k13+k17

What do they mean by K13+k17? The pattern states that the scarf is 121 sts wide. That would mean that I need to cast on 121 stitches, correct? Aaaargh.

Thanks so much!

If this is a free Ravelry pattern could you give a link to it so we can look at it? A multiple of 13+17 means that your pattern stitch is worked repeatedly over a multiple of 13 stitches and then 17 more to finish it up. That seems a bit odd since 17 has 13 in it with 4 left over so why not just say a multiple of 13+4, but there may be a good reason. 121 divided by 13 is 8 with 17 left over. So that figures out correctly.

121 seems like a lot of stitches for a scarf, but maybe it is not exactly a scarf, but something a bit wider or maybe it is worked length ways, but then it seems like not enough stitches…but then it depends on the yarn and needle size I guess. :??

Thank you so much for replying Merigold! You are correct, it’s actually a shawl! Ha ha! Sorry for the confusion. I can’t post links yet but the name of the shawl is the Foglia Shawl.

So I would cast on 121 and knit all of them in the first row? I may have bitten off more than I can chew with picking this pattern. After re-reading the pattern I am confused about row 3 where they tell you to repeat the pattern that’s in between the asterics. Do I just repeat until the last 10 stitches and then continue?

Thank you so much for helping me. I greatly appreciate it.

Oh oh! I think I got it! When I looked at the chart provided it was soooo much easier to understand! I have never followed a chart before but it seems much simpler.

I was a little confused by your explanation but I get it! Thank you. You are awesome!:muah:

Hi everyone,
I’m new to, but I love it already. I’m about to start an Afghan, “Comfy Afghan” by Leisure Arts, it calls for two strands of yarn held together, casting on 107 stitches. It calls for size 17 needles.

I love Ballene II needles, and I want to use them but they only go up to 15. How could I still do this pattern with 15 needles?

Finished size is 47" x 58" - Gauge: In stockinette stitch, 9 stitches and 12 Rows = 4 inches.

Thank you very much!!!


You’ll need more sts, a size 15 is a couple mms smaller than a 17, so the sts will be smaller and there would be more of them in an inch. They may also be more dense with 2 strands of yarn; if they’re worsted weight, that may be okay, but if it’s 2 strands of worsted, that’s going to be really stiff.

So figure out how many sts per inch you get with the yarn and 15s, then multiply that by 47". That would be your CO number, but if there’s a stitch pattern that is a 12 or 8 or 15 st repeat, you’ll have to adjust the stitch number slightly so you can do a full repeat, plus any edge sts.