Need pattern help please

making christmas angels but can’t even do row1!

angel pattern: on 17 sts. row 1 is as follows K1 (yo, ssk) 3times, yo, sl 2tog knitwise, k1 p2sso (yo, k2tog) 3times, yo, K1 (17 st)

assuming ssk is slip, slip then knit
assuming p2sso means that after the k1 you slip 2 stitches and pass the knitted switch over the 2 slip stitches???

I must be misinterpreting the ssk and the p2sso because after I complete the first half I only have 4 st left to do the other half of the instructions for that row???

PLEASE help.

thanks, jean

This is SSK, which is a decrease

sl 2tog knitwise, k1, p2sso means to slip two stitches at one time as if you were knitting them together, then knit 1 stitch and pass the two over the one you just knit and off the needle.

The YO stitches in the row will offset the decreases, so you should come out even. When the instructions call for a YO, bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then knit the next stitches as called for in the pattern. This will create an extra stitch and an eyelet.

YO -

Ingrid thanks so much for your help, that was so fast and so informative!