Need Pattern HELP - L.15 - P.15 tog

Hi, I’m stuck on the 8th & 9th row of my pattern and was wondering if anyone could help me with it at all please? (I’m stuck at the 8th row; L.15 & 9th row; P.15). Here is what the pattern says:

8th row – K.2 * P.3, [COLOR=“Red”][B]L.15[/B][/COLOR], P.3, K.2, rep. from* to end

9th row – K.2 * y.fwd., SL.1, K.1, p.s.s.o., y.fwd., K.1, y.r.n., [COLOR=“Red”][B]P.15 tog[/B][/COLOR]. (see abbreviations), y.o.n., K.1, y.fwd., K.2 tog., y.fwd., K.2, rep. from * to end


[B]L.15[/B] = (insert right hand needle in next st. as if to K., wrap yarn 3 times around point of needle and draw through llowing st. on left hand needle to drop) 15 times.

[B]P.15 tog[/B] = allowing wrapped-over sts. to drop, slip 15 sts purlways on to right hand needle, then pass these 15 long sts. back on to left hand needle, P.15 tog.

Below is a URL to an image of the pattern.

Would anyone perhaps know what this type of pattern stitch this is called? e.g. cable. So I can find a diagram or video etc on line perhaps.


Panic over, whew`’. I was kindly given a link to the; Elongated stitch.