Need pattern help! Knit scarf

Hi all,

I am a new knitter and I would love love love to make a chunky knit scarf for my fiance. I found a picture of exactly what I’m looking for on etsy but sadly it won’t let me post the direct link- just email me and i can send over the pictures. Any advice on the amount of yarn I need to buy and how to make it? As for yarns, I think merino is really nice but its quite expensive. I basically want something soft and not scratchy, but also nice and thick to get that luxurious sweater like feel that my imaginary scarf has :).

The pictures are taken from here: go to

It’s either a 2x2 ribbing or you could knit something like a Fisherman’s rib with very thick yarn and large needles. You don’t really need a pattern, just determine how wide you want it and how many sts per inch you get in pattern and cast on until it’s long enough. You probably would need about 150-200 yards.

For a guy I would suggest about 8" wide, not the 12" or more as shown in the pictures.

Bulky wool and ribbing would do it.

You can’t post pictures from Etsy. A link is just fine anyway.