Need Pattern for Man's Hooded Cardigan or Suggestions?

I’m hoping someone can help me locate a sweater pattern for my son…he’s 23 and a devout non-sweater wearer. Both Grandmas knit and they’ve made him some beautiful sweaters which he accepts graciously, but then never wears them.

I’m a fairly new knitter, and I’ve managed to knit my way through two sweaters for my daughter, and I’d love to make him something now, but I just can’t find one that he might wear. His style, if I had to put a name on it, would be sort of grunge/punk.

I’ve found one patten in “Funky Knits” that had a sweater with holes actually knit into it, but it looks too contrived and I don’t think he would go for it. I was thinking one sweater he might wear would be one that looked liked a zip-up hoodie sweatshirt (I was thinking maybe I could do an intarsia skull and cross-bones), but I just can’t find a pattern anywear.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Uhhhh, if he doesn’t like sweaters, why do you want to make him one? He might just say `thanks, Mom’ and you’ll never see it on him. I understand wanting to make something for him, but maybe a skully hat or scarf or something may be better.


I was wondering the same thing. :??

Hello Sue, I used to live in North Bend :happydance: . I would see if your yarn shop carries the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns. Right now I am making my Husband a cardigan which you could easily add a hood too.


didn’t SNB Nation have a “rocker” sweater for men that had lots of holes/ loose knitting? I borrowed it from the library so I can’t look up the real name of the pattern… But I agree- even though he loves you he probably won’t wear it if he isn’t a sweater guy. What about a skull scarf, or watchcap, or ipod cover? or CD case cover? or one of those cool steering wheel covers?

If you don’t mind buying a book in order to get a pattern, there’s a great looking hoodie in Knit 2 Together – you can make it in child or adult size. I tried to find a picture of the pattern but they didn’t show it on the KnitPicks site and Amazon didn’t have the “Look Inside the Book” feature for that pattern.

You could add your own intarsia pattern and punk it up all you want.
[color=blue]Knit 2 Together[/color]


PS – I found this picture of some guy wearing the hoodie – hate the colors but it may give you an idea of what it looks like:

[color=blue]Santa Cruz Hoodie[/color]

Hi Sue,

I’ve been on the hunt for a similar sounding pattern, zip up hoodie for myself. I’m 26, male and like the sort of grunge/ punk style. After lots of searching the best one I found and my next project will be a pattern on page 90, in ‘Knitting with balls’ by Michael del Veccchio.
Knitting with Balls

The cuff is the best bit, its hard to describe, but basically it has a hole in that the thumb goes thorough. It’s a nice detail that sets it apart form the more traditional, ‘sweater pattern’. I will be substituting the colour though, the one in the book is ‘tarnished gold,’ I think I’ll use black. The sweater patterns on page 82 & 102 are ok, the latter incorporates a tribal design which may appeal.


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How about something like Hardcore from Knitty?

Definitely different. I do have Knit2Together and my hubby requested the very same hoody you mentioned, zkimom. He also wanted matching ones for our boys. Only problems are he wants no wool and it’s a pretty bulky weight so it’s hard for me to find a substitute in the same gauge.

But it is still knitted so to me it still says “sweater” even if it’s got a hood. Unless you’re making something that’s a surprise, maybe go thru the suggestions folks have here and then see if he says yea or nay?