Need pattern for girl's poncho, pref circ knit

Hi knitters!

I’ve been looking for a poncho pattern for my DD, age 5. I’ve found lots that are made by knitting on straight needles, and then seaming up two rectangular pieces, but I was hoping someone knows of a cute one knit on circulars for her size. (I guess I like the look of the rounded edges better.)

She adores hoods, but if the pattern doesn’t have one that would be OK too.

Thanks for all your help,

How about this one? Halfway down, #243.

Hi Liz -
Thanks! I had not seen this one. It’s very cute! And has a hood too. I’ll have to look for the pattern at my LYS.


I found these:


I haven’t done the poncho but the knitting pure and simple patterns are great - easy to read and easy to do. If you have a problem they get back to you with an answer quickly. Great patterns and great support.

Check out this one I did for my grandson :slight_smile:

Thanks, Miss Mouse, but the link takes me to a log-in page for Ravelry, and I’m not a member yet. Do you by chance have a photo?


Thanks Sarah!
I like the FREE one (Opal Child’s Poncho) from PT yarn. Very cute. I’ll show it to my daughter and see how she likes it.