Need pattern for cable gloves

i saw a pattern for cable gloves, but at the time i didnt know how to do cables so i didnt save it. i have mad a xmas presents of a cable hat and scar. I would love to add gloves to it. Help anyone

thank you

There must be dozens of cable mittens/gloves patterns. Can you give more information? Gloves or mittens? What weight yarn? Single cable or multiple?

Here’s a few links in the meantime.

i use a medium acrylic yarn for the hat and scarf, they were both single cable so i would like to match it to that

Okay, that helps. The first two had single cables.

Hmm…I’m finding lots of mittens, but very few free cabled glove patterns.

This one has two cables, but you could just do the center one.…_id=43&lang=en

Oh…here’s one.