Need pattern clarification pls

Good evening everyone!

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this:
“K2tog tbl & return st to LHN, pass next st over it & slip onto RHN.”
It seems like a no brainer but I’m ending up with extra stitches & feeling pretty dumb about it. Thanks in advance!

Wow, sounds challenging. I think I’ll have to try it and see what happens. Wish I could offer help since I know how incredibly frustrating those things are!

Thought I understood but maybe i don’t. Can you tell us the pattern name?

You should be increasing two stitches with the yfwd (AKA a yarnover), and decreasing by two with the part you’re wondering about.

You’re doing a regular K2tog through the back loop, which leaves the finished stitch on your right hand needle as always; one stitch decreased. Slip that stitch back to the left hand needle. You’re then going to move one stitch to the left of it and pick that stitch up and over the first stitch (the one you just worked and slipped back); one stitch decreased. It’s just like you’d do if you were binding off, only backwards. You now move the worked stitch back over to the right hand needle with the rest of the worked stitches.


I’m so glad I saw this. That’s such a clear explanation. :slight_smile:

Thank you thank you! The reverse bind off was exactly how I needed to think of this of this stitch.
It took a little practice but I’ve got it now. I made notations in my book too, just in case I find something else like this.