Need Opinions

I know this is a personal decision…but I was wondering…

I am wanting to have knitting labels printed up
and I was thinking of using this site

(tell me if you know of a cheaper or better place…I just liked the choices I am offered here)

But I am in a place of indecision about what colour to do.

I wouldn’t minding having a black background, but would that look good with baby clothes…

I wouldn’t mind doing a white background…but would it look good in a really nice sweater…

I would love to use the rainbow metalic stitching…

Any help…??

Personally, I’d go for white background and rainbow stitching. You don’t want your tags to practically yell, Here I Am!! IMHO, they should be a tasteful, elegant finishing comment on your lovely work.

Just my opinion,

I see that they have a knitting logo on one too! I would go plain white as that’s the colour you expect to see on clothes and so doesn’t stand out too much - but you can get creative with the writing.

Not sure how many you plan to order, but could you do a smaller quty. and mix it up a bit?

I have a hard time choosing things like that myself… always afraid I will wind up thinking – dang, I wished I would have done “this” instead!

Good Luck!

I’m not going to be much help, but I would go for a white or black background. White is more “traditional” almost in my mind, as almost all labels you see in clothes are white. But I’ve also seen some clothes that have a little black label thing sewn on the outside (so it sits flat) of hats and little things like that, and you don’t even notice it for awhile. It may all just depend on where these are going to go on your articles.
And if you want rainbow metallic stitching, go for it, just don’t overdo it.

You may want to check out

I get my labels there.

personally i would go for a grey. i think white and black can be to contrasty. i like the idea of rainbow text though it sounds fun!

i wouldt worry about it to much, after all they are only small tags, which normally sit inside a garment so dont get seen all that often. which also meens that if you were a fan of [COLOR=Magenta]bright pink [COLOR=Black]even that could work![/COLOR][/COLOR]

I think something neutral-such as brown or grey as tarrentella suggested. This way the labels would be more likely to go with more items. I like the idea of doing several colors as well-that would be great! You could do the same lettering or logo on each but with different colored labels and/or thread.

Have fun choosing!

I received some as a christmas gift that i just LOVE!! they are cream with red script lettering. totally me. When i put it on the sweater i just finished which was grey, it really looked professional and pretty.

Oh I know…it is really mind boggling for me…

Black, white, beige, grey…

Maybe the grey…that is neutral…I really like the idea of the rainbow metallic!

Ok…so I ended up going with light grey with metallic Rainbow writting…144 labels only cost me about $47 CAD

Now…that doesn’t include customs per say…but that is still about 30 cents per…