Need opinions on sock yarns!

I am knitting a baby gift for a friend and want to make her 5 pair of baby socks. I have made one already with the basic “baby” yarn. My friend is really into natural things and the “green” movement and i would like to make some baby socks with an earth-friendly yarn or something like that. I have seen some but I am new to knitting socks and I am not sure what yarns are really good for that and it also has to be soft enough for a baby. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it, thanks!

I’ve only knit a few pair of socks but my favorite for both softness and quality is Lornas Laces. They have a new Green Line…but I haven’t seen it locally. One skein of their yarn is rather speedy but you could probably get quite a few baby socks out of one skein or make a matching hat.
You might also look at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, socks that rock yarn… they are on line. They are very popular too, though I haven’t used it myself.

I just got my first skein of Socks That Rock for Christmas. I haven’t knitted it yet, but I wound it into a ball last night and just petted it a bit. :slight_smile: It’s LOVELY, soft and wonderful.

Abbily, i love ‘pet’ your yarn!! linknit41

ooops, i meant to say i love that you pet your yarn! my hands got ahead of my brain. linknit41

I like using Sockotta or Happy Feet,both by Plymouth Yarn…

Big fan of Knit Picks sock yarns. They knit up nicely and are very cost friendly.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I checked out the socks that rock and I absolutely love the yarn! unfortunatly, it’s a little pricey for this specific project but i will be ordering some yarn to make socks for myself!! The knit picks yarn may work perfect for me so thanks to everyone for your replys, its been great to check out all of the websites and see what fibers everyone else loves!

I also liked using Sockotta and it washes so well and can be put in the dryer. On this site it is recommended for baby items.

There is also bamboo sock yarn which I am sure is very soft, but I have not used any.