Need opinions on a book

Im asking my Husband for some knitting stuff for Christmas. One of the books I’m interested in is “Design Your Own Knits” by Debbie Abrahams. Anyone have it? I have been wondering about making my own patterns, just not sure where to begin. Is this a good book to start with? Thanks for your help:knitting:

Sorry, I am not familiar with that book but it does sound interesting. I hope someone else on the forum is familiar and able to answer your questions. I am curious now too.

I’ve never looked through that book either. Your public library may have a copy of it. Then you can see if it’s something you want to buy.

I’ve never seen this book either, but I was thinking maybe any book by Elizabeth Zimmerman might be a good place to start. “Knitting Without Tears” comes to mind as a good one to try. If anyone can give you the confidence to design your own patterns, it would be her! (Imho, anyway! :slight_smile: ) I have several of her books and it was after reading her book that I designed and knit a sweater for my son, and lo and behold, IT FIT!!

The covers and examples she shows may be outdated, but the principles (formulas and such) can be used as the basis for any thing you can come up with.

There are a bunch of others on this subject too, such as “Sweater Design in Plain English” by Maggie Righetti, or “The Sweater Workshop” by Jacqueline Fee ( I have this one, it’s got some great info!). Also, you might like “Knitting in the Old Way”.

I have way too many ideas :lol: Here’s one last one: “the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns” by Ann Budd. This one actually has basic patterns and how to get different sizes depending on yarn/gauge, but they could easily be used as a starting point to making your own designs.

I hope that helps! (and I haven’t made it worse :teehee:)

I second Jaxhill on “Sweater Design in Plain English”. It’s very good for teaching you how to design your own sweater.

I have both of these and they’re very good! I also just finished reading Knitting from the Top by Barbara G. Walker which is another excellent book! You can’t go wrong with any of these.

I haven’t read the book you mentioned so I can’t comment on that one. Sorry!

I have Ann Budd’s book - The Handy Book of Patterns… and I use it all the time.
I take the basic pattern and then add my own cables or stitch pattern. It is an easy book to follow - I do recommend reading the beginning of the book and the introduction to each type of item if it is the first time you use the book.

I don’t have that particular book by Debbie Abrahams…but I do have her book called 100 Afghan Squares to Knit. It is a really great book.

Well my point is: her book is really put together well! It leads me to believe everything else she produces will follow suit!

The ‘design your own’ book I have is by Ann Budd:
“The Handy Book of Patterns”. It is fantastic, and there are some patterns in there, too.