Need Opinions from Afghan Knitters

Hi, all,

I’m getting back into knitting after not doing it for awhile, and I’m having a ball! I am learning so much from this site, and love hearing what everyone is working on.

I need opinions, please. I want to knit an afghan and I’m thinking about the Feather and Fan pattern. Have any of you done this pattern? Did you like it? Did it work up fairly quickly? Did you use one color or several?

I also would like to start a portable afghan project, done in squares or perhaps strips. Any ideas?

Thanks and happy knitting!


I just finished a baby blanket using the feather/fan stitch. I put about 5 rows of garter at each end, about 5 garter stitches on each side. I used a varigated yarn, but it will look nice in a solid color, too. Since it is only 4 row repeat, it was simple to figure out what row was next, no matter where I was when I stopped for the day.

I am currently working on a baby blanket in the feather and fan pattern. It’s a 4 row repeat with the pattern worked on only 1 row, so I’d say it’s pretty easy. I’m using 2 strands of Caron Simply Soft and size 11 needles. It’s going pretty fast!


I’m on my 8th (of 9) afghans that I set out to make for each member of my close family! Whew! What a job! :slight_smile:

I have both of Herrschner’s Blue Ribbon Afghans books, and they are super! I LOVE Afghans, and there are some in each of the two books that are the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

Good luck!