Need motivation to start a new project

I just cast-off a pair of socks and need to turn the heel on a pair for my FIL (a late Christmas gift b/c I wanted him to try them on before I finished them) and I would like to start an easier project to give me a break from the socks…the sock pattern is not too exciting and on tiny needles so sometimes I need a break. I would like to make one of the nurses I work with fingerless mitts and would like to get a couple pair with matching hats made for the local shelter…I just can’t seem to get started. I have the yarn and I have needles…I just sit and think - I should start that project b/c I’ve got lots of knitting time coming up…then I read my book and go to sleep.
HELP I need motivation please !!

You must need sleep then.

If you’re overwhelmed, then just start by casting on for a couple of the projects. That may be just the nudge you need to get you going!