Need more help with chemo earflap hat!

Okay, I finally figured out how to make the ear flaps. So, I made 2 and they are on holders.
Now, the next step is really confusing to me. I need an easy to understand translation of what to do.
I am wanting to knit this on circular needles… so bear that in mind…


Earflaps (make 2)


Knit, purl, knit into stitch (=3st)

Purl across

KFB, knit to last stitch, KFB

Purl across

Repeat last 2 rows until 15 (17,21,23)st ending on a purl row. Break yarn. Place stitches on a holder (or spare needle).

[I][B]Main Hat

CO 9 (10,12,13) knit across 15(17,21,23)stitches from holder, CO 16 (18,22,26) stitches, knit across 15(17,21,23) stitches from 2nd earflap, CO 9 (10,12,13) stitches (=64(72,88,98) stitches)#[/B][/I]

The bolder part is where I am at and I confused. Any explanation would be appreciated!!! :hug:

And to add, if i can’t do it on circulars (if it will be too complicated) then i’ll just treat my circulars as if they were just needle sticks… if that works.


First of all move the ear flaps off of the holder and onto a spare needle

you cast on 9 stitches, onto the right needle then knit the 15 stitches of one ear flap of the needle they are held on. then cast on 16 more stitches onto the same needle, knit the 15 stitches you have on hold for the ear flap (everything should be ending up on the same needle), cast on another 9 stitches.

This should all be done with the same strand of yarn and should give you a total of 64 stitches on your needle. you would then join this to work in the round as normal.