Need more help w/ stranding for letters on stocking

Hi everyone! I’m knitting a wool stocking that I plan to felt, and I’m using this pattern. But I’ve adapted it so that instead of making stripes, I’ll be following a chart that I made that says my baby’s name (I’ve attached my chart here). The stocking will be red, with a white band with her name in red.

I have never done intarsia or fair isle knitting, so I’m not sure which would be best for this chart. What do you all think? I get the impression that intarsia is better for large sections of a color, so since this is lettering, it seems like fair isle might be better. But can I still felt it if I do fair isle?

You would want to use stranding (Fair Isle is a type of standing) and I have seen patterns for stranding and Fair Isle that’s felted.

That’s a cute idea btw! What a great thing for you baby!

Are you knitting in the round? If so you need to use Fair Isle. Just be careful to strand it LOOSELY since it will be felted especially.

Yes, I’m knitting in the round.

I have more questions now. I’ve started out by knitting 10 rounds of red. Next, I need to do 2 rows of pure white, and then I’ll start with the red letters on the white background.

Should I keep my current strand of red going, or should I cut it and start another strand of red when it comes to the lettering?

The letters are only on one half (the front of the stocking). So I don’t want to carry the red strand all the way around for the rest of the round where it’s all white. But if I just let it hang at the end of the lettering (on my first row of lettering), then when I knit back around to it, my red strand is going to be at the wrong end. KWIM?