Need more crochet felting patterns

My Felting Project date with my ladies is coming up…I want to inspire them to try more than coasters when our project is done.

I searched and searched some more, and could only find TWO felted crocheted free bag patterns.

Id like to show them a few simple patterns…maybe a hat? A home decor-type something?

Any ideas? I only wish more of them preferred knitting…

Can you figure out the size/gauge for a rectangle folded in half stitched on the sides then felted … making a holder for those little packets of tissues ? cell phone holder sizeish … but for their tissues?

I knitted and felted one for my small camera so it wouldn’t get “icky” in my purse.

Kelly…I’m no expert at felting, but why couldn’t you felt any crocheted hat pattern as long as you use yarn that can take the felting process? I would think that you would be able to do it just as simply as felting a knitted item, but some of the others who are more knowlegeable in reference to felting would know for certain. Here’s a link I found for free hat patterns.


Well, you COULD, but you would have to crochet it up HUGE. That’s the part Im not sure about, is the translating of a regular hat pattern into a HUGE hat pattern.


and here

one more:

and here

Sorry - can’t stop - not pattern for felted, but it’s huge, so should felt nicely

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don’t let her do it jouf!!!