Need mitten pattern help

I’m a fairly new knitter. Not sure about these instructions and I don’t want to mess up because I’m not very good at repairing mistakes! So here goes the instructions:

First inc. round for thumb gore:
Inc. 1 st in first st (first thumb st),
k 1, inc. 1 st in next st (last thumb
st), k to end of round.

One question I have: what type of inc should I make?
I think I will not look at all of the extra stuff and just trust the stitch directions.

any input would be appreciated, I’m sure I will be back when I get to the thumb.:aww:

The instructions read ‘inc [B]in[/B] first st’ which means a kfb increase. That’s the only one you use a stitch to increase in, the others add a stitch between two sts.