Need Manly cabled scarf pattern

Hi –

I’m knitting scarves for my co-workers this year and I need a cable scarf patter that is suitable for a guy. Any suggestions? :pray:

Thank you!


i think the irish hiking scarfcan be pretty manly depending on the yarn you use. the lion brand newsletter is currently including a different cable pattern with each email. you can find all of them in the newsletter archives on the website. i don’t know how adventurous you are, but it would be very easy to turn one of those (or even a few) into a scarf. hope you find something you can use! :mrgreen:

I just stumbled across this website and your question concerning a pattern suitable for a guy. I hope that you are still interested as I have 2 answers for you.
The first pattern is free and I have made it for years with good results. It is a simple checkerboard. Knit so many stitches (your choice) then purl the same number. Repeat across the row. When the squares are the height you desire change how you start the row. For example, if the previous row began with knits begin with purls and this will cause your pattern to take on the “checkerboard” design. Simply continue repeating these rows until the scarf is the desired length and bind off! This works on all yarns and needle sizes but shows up best with solid colors.
The second pattern would need to be purchased. The title is [U]Alexio’s Ocean Wave Scarf[/U] designed by Scott Kluesner. He is a local knitter and the pattern is available from [U]Knitorius[/U] in St. Louis, Mo. for $4. You can call them at (314)646-8276 or visit their site This pattern is so cool and uses Nashua Wooly Stripes 150 grams will be needed for the project.
Good luck and let me know if this information was helpful to you.


Hi Kathi–

I looked at the knitorious site but couldn’t find it. Do you know if there is a photo of it somewhere? I googled it but didn’t have any luck.



Hello Mornnen,
Have you seen either the Devo scarf pattern at: or the Guy Scarf ( I came across these two patterns when I was looking for a unisex type scarf. Hope they help. And you can never go wrong with the Irish Hiking scarf as recommended in a previous post.

Mornnen, I am not Kathi; however, I think I found a picture of the Alexio scarf (I was curious as to what the scarf looked like myself).
Here is a link to a picture on a blog of what the scarf is supposed to look like (I believe).

PS. The name of the blog is Dyeabolical Yarns and it is from a Nov. 2006 posting.

Knitpicks has options in their freebies.