Need lace sock pattern help

Hi All!

In my first attempt at simple lace, I chose the following sock pattern to learn with:

First off, these are turning into some seriously nice socks! :heart:

Maybe the person who designed these is even here on the forum? That would be fantastic.

I’m almost done with the leg of sock 1. I tend to read ahead, because often times the pattern seem a bit confusing on first reading, but I figure things out as I go along.

But there’s one part of this pattern that has stumped me, and I’m not sure what to do…

Without your having to read the entire pattern, this is what is up:

First I cast on 64 and did the ribbing. In the last row of ribbing I increased 2 to get 66, because this lace pattern is six repeats of 11 stitches. So far so good.

The problem starts when I get to the heel flap. I’m supposed to knit the heel flap using 32 stitches. This leaves 34 for the instep. Once I’m done with the heel and start to work on the gusset, it says that there are 34 stitches on needle 2 and that I’m supposed to continue the lace pattern here…but how to put 3 repeats of 11 stitches on 34 stitches? :??

I’m thinking that I should keep the stitches split in half: 33 and 33. In the first row of the heel I can k2tog in the middle, giving me 32 stitches for the heel, and 33 for the instep for when I continue the lace pattern.

Or am I missing something here? :?? It’s possible that I am… :shrug:

Help! And thanks! :muah:

That pattern says to work until you have 66–(33 and 33) at the end of the Gusset Decrease and Sock Foot section, so you’ve got the right idea.