Need knitting book recommendations! - a non-clothing knitte

Hi there everyone! I have a $45 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble I need to spend.

I’d like to get some knitting books… BUT, the things I like to knit are smallish gifts, or stuff for DH and DS, or stuff to use around the house (like kitchen stuff). I have no plans to get into clothing knitting anytime soon.

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for good books for me? I don’t have ANY knitting books and was wondering if I should get one that’s a reference. Or just some fun pattern stuff?

Would love any advice! Thanks!

Knitting in Plain English is a great reference book :smiley:

Are you planning on ordering online or go to the store? I don’t have any of those type of books, but you got me thinking so I searched a bit. These look promising! I think I’ll see if my library has some of them.

Comforts of Home
Handknits for the Home
25 Cushions to Knit
The Knitted Rug

The Knitter’s Bible is a good reference, too. I got it for Christmas.

My fave is Last Minute Knitted Gifts
My second fave is Weekend Knitting.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Unfortunately this just added to the growing list of books I want. :inlove: I can’t seem to hone it down… LOL.

I use "Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns " and Ingrid recently recomended a new Vogue stitch pattern book.

(someone please help my neverending links, I seem to always mess them up when I try … then eat this message so everyone will think I did it myself)

I have a “neverending” swatch of new stitches I am learning … glitches and all. I just changed to white yarn for January … as close as we get to snow here in Florida. I always use # 6 needles and WOTA (KnitPicks Wool of the Andes) that way when I am trying to get gauge for a new project I have a “starting point”… and I don’t have to remember what needles or weight of yarn I used for the stitch pattern swatch.

I like learning new stitches and they can be used for any project … wash cloths, hats, scarves, pillows, placemats , bags …

Barnes and Noble has NOOK book reader, which is similar to the Kindle. It’s available as a free download for PC’s. Mine came installed with my net book. I like it because you can get instant ebooks and they have free samples you can peek at to see if you’d like the book. I saw tons of knitting books plus a subscription to a knitting magazine. You don’t have to find a parking space and fight the crowds. You can shop in your pjs. :slight_smile:

I got this book a few months back, and I absolutely love it. It has tons of stitches for knitting, crocheting, and some other things too. I’m actually usually one of the stitch patterns in there for the ribbing to my Mom’s socks. :slight_smile:

Yep, a stitch dictionary is handy to have around, then you can experiment with putting the sts into basic plain patterns. With $45 though, you could probably get 2 books Kay.

How about some of those “One Skein Wonder” books??? They have lots of patterns for little projects that “supposedly” take only 1 skein of yarn!

Here’s the link for the B&N page with all these books:

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