Need Knitpicks Suri Dream Suggestions

OK people - I done did it again! In an effort to substitute expensive GGH Soft Kid for something cheaper, I bought the wrong darn weight yarn! It’s so hard when you’re comparing 10 different yarns to keep everything straight. :rollseyes: In the past I’ve traded for something else when this happens, but I always take a loss on it.

I’d much rather knit this gorgeous stuff up! I really don’t need a scarf :lol:. Suggestions? I have 250g.

I love the Bella scarf that is seen @ knitpicks.

Not quite enough for this sweater, but I love the way it looks doubled with Merino Style:

I was all excited to tell you about the scarf I made with suri dream until I got to the part of your post that said you don’t really need a scarf. (D’oh!) I completed a whole garter stitch scarf with one ball, I was pretty pleased. (It’s a fairly skinny scarf but those are in now, right?) I used really big needles so it came out like a fuzzy green spider web, very cool. I’m thinking of making another one for my SIL next Christmas.