Need Kirkton House Aran Wool

Hi guys,

I have a very specific request. My mam is in the middle of knitting an aran cardigan and she has ran out of wool. She bought the wool in Aldi (by the way, we live in Ireland. Aldi is a supermarket here) and she can’t a new ball of wool in any of their stores. It has to be Kirkton House Aran wool in fuchsia. Would really appreciate it if anyone knew where this wool would be available! We’ve tried ebay and nobody seems to be selling the wool. Help :slight_smile:


Is the fiber wool? Sometimes yarn is culturally called wool, but the fiber is actually something else.

I did find this if its the correct yarn.

Hi, I have the same problem. I bought Aran wool from Aldi in the turquoise colour and have also run out. I wrote to Aldi to see if I could get some more but they said they are completely sold out. Said that things come back in stock after 12 mths, or 6 mths if they are really popular. If anyone has any of this to spare could you get in touch please.:knitting:

Hi I too need another ball of the dark purple aran wool as I am in the middle of a jumper for myself and won’t have enough to finish it I bought it a while ago the shade number is 043 and the dye lot is AR02 if any one can help please get in touch

Is this the yarn?
I didn’t see a turquoise but maybe you can check more carefully. Even when the yarn is listed as not for sale, it may be worth asking since this is a default setting.

I have just knitted the back of a cardigan in this yarn and find I am going to be short. I weighed the other ball It is only 360g NOT 400g as stated on ball band I have contacted Aldi but they are non committal.
There must be hundreds of us feeling very frustrated being unable to finish our garments due to this annoying discrepancy .
Selma P