Need instructions on how to line a bag

I finished my first felted bag yesterday, and now I would really like to add a fabric lining to it. Can anyone direct me to some directions?


There’s a tutorial for lining a felt bag at

Just go to the archive of previous posts, click 2005-03-27 and scroll down.

Hope this helps.


Wow, Anna, that tutorial is fantastic! I am very much a visual learner. I have to see something done to understand it, and the pictures there, along with the instructions, make it impossible not to understand! :cheering:

Glad to be of help!


Hi there. Glad you like the instructions. Here’s a better link:

I would love to hear about your experiences with these instructions, and see photos. Leave comments on my blog!

That is fabulous! Thank you! I feel like I can forge ahead now. :slight_smile: