Need instruction help for Holiday Hat

I need help undstanding the instructions for a Holiday Tree Hat.

The instructions say to do a ‘ribbing stitch for 1-1/2 in. from beg’ that is easy to understand.
Then it says to change to 'Garter st and work until piece measures 3 in. from beg’
Does the measurement from the Garter st start at the cast on edge or from where I started the Garter st?

Thank you for the help.


Pattern Link:

Yes, I think the garter is measured from the cast on edge. To great the tree top you’ve got a long section of decreases so it starts earlier than most hats. I think that’s why anyway.

Where to measure for the garter stitch is right in the instructions - ‘change to Garter st and work until [B]piece measures 3 in. from beg[/B]’
‘From beg’ means the whole piece so it’s still measuring from the cast on edge.