Need inspiration please!

I’ve got these 4 balls of DK special and am totally stumped as to what to do with them! Do any of you have any ideas? Ideally something to wear rather than hat/mitts/scarf etc as it’s so soft and feels so nice! Any ideas much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Eta: photo to follow, phone not cooperating!

Pretty! What kind of yarn is it and how many yards do you have?

It’s Stylecraft DK Special and I have 400g in total - 1000m I think.

Okay. So 966 yds of DK (for those of us not familiar with metric).

Hats and shawls come to mind. Possibly even a short sleeve cardigan. Just remember you’ll have to stripe it since you’ve got 3 colors. I’ll look at patterns.

Thank you, I was wondering if a sort of ombre effect would work with something like this?

Sure, I think so. Pretty!

Pattern appears long gone sadly :frowning:

I just did this with Mrs. Crosby yarn, and added beads in the center of the clover motif. Very fun and interesting pattern. (note: pattern does not call for beading, but I used a tiny crochet hook to add beads as I went along. First attempt at beading)