Need Info about a Lana Grossa Savana

I’m looking for information about a type of yarn. It’s called “Savana” and it’s by Lana Grossa.

I did a Google search on it, but most of the results I got were either not useful or were in other languages. I looked it up on Yarndex, but they didn’t have an entry.

I’d like to know more about this yarn because I have some leftover skeins from a scarf that I made years ago, and I want to sell them on eBay.

I’d like to know the name of the color (I don’t know if it’s just “black” or some fancy name). I’d like to know the yarn weight. I’m not sure how to describe the texture either. When was this style of yarn introduced? Is it discontinued? If so, when? The label says to use size 5 needles with this yarn. I don’t know if that’s US 5 or size 5 in a different country. Also, this is printed on the label, but I’m not sure what it means:

Gr. 38-40
ca. 500 g

e g 50 = ca. 85 m

Thanks to whoever reads this. I hope you can help me.

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This is all the info on Ravelry and mostly is what should be on the wrapper.

Lana Grossa - Savana (discontinued)
Weight - Aran weight, 10 ply
Yardage - 85 yds (78 meters)
Unit weight - 50 gms
Gauge -18 stitches over 4 inches
Needles - US 8 (5.00mm)
Fiber - 100% microfiber
Texture - eyelash

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help.