Need ideas

I am wanting to knit an easy (no thinking required lol) stash yarn wrap. I want to do each row, or every two rows a different color. Any ideas? Dont want to just garter a long row and keep going, and no sewing! Sorry so picky, but thats why I ask the pro’s. A.K.A you guys!!!

Alos, wanted to know if anyone has ever tried knitting around on big circular needles, and then when you got the width of the wrap you wanted, cut and make fringe? The cutting part sounds scary to me…

I’ll have to check out patterns later, but the cutting is called steeking. Many people do sweaters that way so they don’t have to knit flat. It’s best done with a wool yarn so the ends don’t slide out and unravel the whole thing. You have to secure it with something and there are many ways to do it. For anything other than wool I’d use two methods. :shrug:

It works, though I haven’t done it. You just need to twist the sts before and after the ones that you’ll cut which will keep those sts from getting really loose and sloppy. Knotting the fringe is advised. You could try it on a scarf first. Here’s a patterns which is a basic recipe you fill in the blanks for your gauge - (found on her blog

Intarsia blocks like this

Or the ten stitch blanket, chaning colors

I found a Feather and Fan stitch pattern but Im not liking the “holes” the yo makes, any suggestions on making them smaller??

If you twist the stitch on the next row by knitting or purling into the back loop of the yo, it will make the yo smaller (even to the point of closing the hole).

Thanks for the idea. I started it and was wondering is u could specifiey more. I know about knitting into the back of a loop if one of ur stiches is accidentaly twisted. But the next row after the yo’s is a knit row do i just knit into the back of the yo? Im a little confused, but i love the idea of making the holes less noticeable. Could you clarify a little more? And then i should be good to go!!!
Thanks so very much,

You’ve got it, just knit into the back of the yo the same way that you would knit into the back of a st to make a twisted st. If you want a hole, you would knit the yo as you would work any knit st, right needle goes in from the left or front of the st. You don’t want the hole, so right needle goes into the back of the st from the right.
This project sounds like an adventure. It’ll be fun to see the finished wrap!