Need ideas!

Hello Everyone,

I am attempting to make my own pattern for a baby bib (I can’t find a pattern to go with what I have in my head so I have to make my own!)

Here is a picture (excuse the crappy paint quality graphic)

the lines show the direction i want the stitches to go

almost like knitting a flat circle, but with a neck hole! haha

I have been trying different things and I want your opinions…

What do you think the best way to make the curving bib would be? short rows? series of increases and decreases?

:think: Hmm…that’s very interesting! I’m not sure of the answer, but you may need to do a couple test bibs to find out the best way. You’ve got my brain going and I want to cast on to test it out, too. :lol:

so far i have done 3 tests, and than came here for help! let me know what you discover!

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Do you crochet? You could probably make one by crocheting in the round. Chain enough stitches to go around the baby’s collar. Then, just put single, or double crochet stitches all the way around the circle. On each succeeding round, just increase every third or fourth stitch. Make as many rounds as you need for it to drape correctly over the baby.

(P.S. I was unable to see the pictures, so I may be TOTALLY off the mark…this is just my imagination talking.) Good Luck!


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bumping one last time hoping someone new will see this and help!

OMG! I was just looking at the picture of your dog and he/she looks almost exactly like my “former” dog. (she died a year ago March.) I guess everyone does have a twin. :slight_smile:


This is the way I think I would approach it…

Thinking of the outside circle as a line, I would cast on that many stitches. You would have to figure a circumference and then figure how many stitches per inch.

I would then decide how big I want my “Pie” pieces to be, and then mark them off using markers. I would then use decreases to make them smaller. You would have to figure out the differences in the number of stitches in each section from the starting line to the inner (neck) circle.

I have a few baby dress patterns that have a similar pattern idea, if not so extensive. One is crocheted and the other knitted. The angles are slighter, but the concept is the same.

I will see if I can scan the pictures for you. They are in a few “antique” knitting folio’s that I have, so I doubt you would be able to find the pattern online.

I think the whole concept of the bib you are planning, is similar to a hat. Perhaps a beret top. Where the outer circumference is much larger than the inner.

The other things to keep in mind, are the type of yarn, the size of the needles etc. The finer the yarn and the smaller the needle, the more stitches you will have in each “pie” section. The more stitches, I think the more likely it will lie flatter.

The larger the yarn and needles, the fewer decreases you will put in, and each decrease will take in more. Think of it as folding a piece of paper into a fan. The smaller the folds, the flatter the fan will be. (analogy off the top of my head there) Of course you will have to put in alot more folds than the big folds.

The two baby dresses that I mentioned have a decorative lace stitching at the “lines” between the segments. I don’t know if that is something you want to integrate into the design, or if you are planning a smooth pattern-less knit.

Hmm… I think I have exhausted my current thinking. I would be very interested in seeing what you come up with, and the end result. I may even delve into the project myself! (Though I should be finishing all the other’s I already have started!!)

Good luck, and I hope some of my ramblings help you out. :slight_smile:

Now why does it take out the extra spacing I put in to make the whole thing more legible?? That’s just annoying!! :??

Okay, I just looked at the picture again…

Regarding my previous post: Instead of starting at the outside (lower) edge of bib, if you start at the inner side, and increase instead of decrease, making the “pie” angles larger as you go, you could then bind off the shorter behind the neck “pie” pieces, and continue on with the longer front pieces.

I think this would work better. Same ideas would apply as regards to figuring the circumference and the number of stitches and such, except you would be increasing to get the longer circumference of the outer edge.

Yeah…that’s the ticket! :star:

Somewhere in one of my knitting books, I know there are directions for graphing your own patterns. I should probably take a gander at them, as I think this “problem” is going to be stuck in the back of my brain until I find a solution. :think: