Need Ideas

Hi everyone!

I haven’t been on in a while, work has been crazy, but I’m finally back and catching up on all the knitting I haven’t done in a while.

Anyways, I need some ideas of what to knit with my Blue Heron Soft Twist Rayon…

I was thinking some kind of large drapey scarf/shawl but I don’t think this yarn will hold blocking. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


I can’t get the photo to post so here is a link to my ravelry…

I’ve never knit with 100% rayon, so I don’t know how it would block either…maybe you could PM some of the people on Ravelry who have used it and ask them how it turned out for them?

I’ve used synthetic yarns of that weight to make tee shirts. I have one done in a boucle rayon blend yarn that I made about 20 years ago and I still wear it. I love it and I like that I can throw it in the washer and dryer and back in the drawer.

I looked at projects others at Ravelry have done with that yarn. There aren’t a lot, but several are shaws.

I think there were 2 clapotis projects. Personally I’d worry the rayon yarn would not hold the stitches on either side of the dropped stitches on that pattern. You could PM those knitters to see if they had issues with that.

You could try finding other rayon yarns in the same weight and see what projects have worked well with them.

Very pretty yarn!

So I’ve PM’ed a few people to find out about their results. I’ve been combing through stitch dictionaries and am thinking about the mermaid mesh stitch pattern in [I]Vogue Knitting[/I]. I will of course knit a swatch first and let everyone know how it goes!

Thanks for the help!

Another thought–maybe you could experiment with combining it with a yarn spun with a different fiber. You might get some really cool results doing that.

I made a shawl out of Fiesta Rayon. Don’t know how it compares but it turned out well with a nice drape and can be used as a scarf or a shawl. I used a bigger needle and it basically went like this:

Needle size depends on yarn…Size 15
CO 40 sts
K each row, increasing one stitch at each end until you run out of yarn.
Cast off.

Thanks! I was thinking of doing something like that but maybe making a rectangle with some kind of geometric pattern at the edge.