Need ideas for shawl

I would like to attempt to knit a shawl. I’ve seen a couple of patterns and would like to try one that knits in one piece. A friend of mine knitted one from the bottom up (tip of the triangle) and used increases to make the shawl.

Anyone have any simple shawl patterns? Thanks in advance!

This one is super easy. For any yarn, any size.
this one is worked with increases but from the inside top and outward. Very easy.
a feather & fan variation of the above one.

I’m knitting one right now that’s very easy. Knit from the point up, there’s a YO on each row, and the rest is entirely knit stitch.

I’m doing it in a baby/lace weight alpaca on size 11 needles so it looks nice and lacy, but I’ve also seen it in a worsted weight on size 11, and it looked more like a triangular scarf. There’s a lady at the farmer’s market selling wool from a local farm and she was wearing it, gave me the pattern for it when I told her I was a beginner. It is her own pattern and it says to “pass it on freely”.

CO 3, knit two rows.
*K1, YO, K to end of row. *repeat once.
*K2, YO, K to end of row. *repeat once

K3, YO, K to end of row. Repeat this row until you have reached the desired size.

I love that feather and fan shawl, Jints-thanks for the link! And I have a shawl made like the one you’re describing, cristeen. My Mom made it for me and its very comfy, and you’re right its nice and easy to make!

Good luck finding a pattern you like, knitpurlgirl. These are some great ideas!

someone here posted this site recently - plenty to chose from!!

This one is very easy. It’s knit entirely in garter stitch and uses yarn overs to increase. It’s knit from the point up.

This one is probably my FAVORITE shawl to knit. It’s a lacy pattern, and you can either use bulky weight yarn or worsted weight yarn double-stranded. I like it because instead of casting off, you work in the bottom scallop pattern into the live stitches so you are creating a bottom and side decoration while you are casting off at the same time. It does require simple crochet techniques. It’s knit from the top center down to the point. It requires yarn overs and knitting in stockinette stitch.

one that i’m working on now is called a prayer shawl. It’s rectangular if you like those kind and very easy to make with a k3 p3 pattern. Just google “prayer shawl” on the net and you’ll find a pattern