Need Ideas For Quick, Small, "Thank You" Items

We have an online charity store for our expo, and I want to knit something super quick and easy that I can stick in a #10 envelope and mail out as a thank you for a $2 donation to our animal sanctuary. Any ideas?

A bookmark, maybe?

I was going to say bookmark, too.

Not to be a stick in the mud, but if you knit something under an ounce, a $.44 stamp, plus the cost of envelope and a little bit of yarn will eat up at least 25% of the donation. A heavier project would be even more.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

A bookmark sounds like a good idea.If you can crochet, crochet thread is only like a buck if you’re going to be making them a lot.

Well, DUH! Why didn’t I think of a bookmark? Thank you. I like it!

Yup, by the time PayPal and the post office get through with me, a $2 donation becomes a $1 donation. Maybe I should raise the price to $3.

I have a whole big container of “zip stops” that I bought at a gargage sale. They’re all different styles of those little spring-loaded fasteners like you get on the hoods of jackets or laundry bags, to tighten the strings. I could chainstitch cords to put through those and sell them cheap to anyone who might need to keep things together where a rubber band might rot away or be tacky-looking. Maybe I’ll work on that idea, too.

Honestly I think you could raise the price a little more! Most people would make a $5 donation without much thought. I know every little bit helps!

Thanks, Holly. I think you’re right. Sometimes I think too small.

Headband, coin purse, cell case

I think a cell case would be a great idea!Could double as an ipod cozy.

You know what they charge for those at the Apple store?THIRTY BUCKS because you have to buy them in a pack of 6.The 1 you want along with 5 other colors you didn’t.I think people would much rather see some money go to a good cause and just get the [I]one[/I] 5$ item they wanted for [I]not[/I] $30,lol.You can also make them in colors not available :slight_smile:

Great ideas! Thanks.:hug:

I have a ginormous rosemary bush in my vegetable garden and I will knit small, drawstring bags and put a cutting inside for a small thank you or charity sale items. They go over big from what I’ve seen.

Also, pot holders, and that sort of thing seem to be welcome at every type of shindig I get invited to.

OMIGOSH! I have tons of homemade potpourri and homegrown lavender I could bag up. I even have little muslin drawstring bags I could use for liners if necessary. YEE-HAH! What a great idea. THANK YOU! :hug: :hug: