Need idea/pattern/advice

My brother and my sister-in-law have been trying to have a baby for a long time now. This week, they found out they were pregnant. Thursday, my sister-in-law lost the baby. It’s hit our entire family hard and I wanted to do something tangible to help them in this time of sadness.

I’m not interested in politics at the moment. Whatever your beliefs are on pre-birth and whether that counts as a person, I respect it, but that’s not my point. My sister-in-law is who I care about right now and in HER worldview, she lost a baby.

I want to knit them a keepsake, but I can’t find a non-tacky pattern. Free or pay, it doesn’t matter. I want something that validates her experience and gives her comfort and helps her know how much I love her and my brother both.

I want something heartfelt, not trite and classic. Something that will endure, but which can be put away when thinking about that baby is too painful. When I lost a baby 2 years ago, a very dear friend gave me a very special doll. It has helped immensely. I want to do something for my family that would hold similar meaning.

All suggestions are welcome. Thank you for understanding.

How about this?You could put it on anything you like.Maybe put it in a picture frame and add a name if they had one picked out.

I’m sorry for your family’s loss. Rest assured that politics don’t enter into it; they are grieving for a very real loss of their future with an expected child.

My situation was slightly different, as I had crocheted my own grief afghan when I miscarried (after burying the baby blanket I had previously been making). However, I think that something similar would be appropriate, aiming for something that does double duty: utilitarian and sentimental. Since time is an issue, how about a lap blanket/comfort wrap? What I love about my afghan is that I can have it out on a daily basis, knowing that it’s primarily there for function at this time and - every once in a while - I can quietly recall its deeper meaning.