Need Honeymoon cami pattern clarification

Hi all! The cami is going great, but I’ve got a teeny, tiny question about one part in the pattern - when I first divide the work to shape the v-neck and back, it says to start a new ball. Does this mean that I leave the one skein on the one side to do later, and just pick up a new one to start the 1st side? If so, do I just weave in the ends later? Won’t that show? :?? Any help or suggestion are greatly appreciated!

You will need two balls of yarn, one for either side of the v-neck. The initial ball of yarn you were using can remain attached and the new ball of yarn will be for the other side. You can do one side at a time, OR you can have both sides on the needle at the same time, each with its own ball of yarn, and you can do one row of the left front, then one row of the right front, then row 2 of the left, row 2 of the right, etc., switching balls of yarn each time you go from one side to the other. This method is great for making sure that your decreases are on the same rows and for making sure that you have the same # of rows total. All of the ends can be woven in at the end. They shouldn’t show if done neatly.

I was thinking that was what the pattern meant, but I have never started a new ball without joining the yarn… Do I just pick it up, leave a bit of a tail, and start knitting?

This is what I usually do. Hold the end of the new ball at the back of your work and knit the first stitch with the working end. It will be a very loose stitch because obviously the tail isn’t woven in. Then I take the working end AND the tail end of the new ball and knit the next two stitches with both ends held together. Then, drop the tail end and just continue on with the new working end. It will tighten up that loose first stitch and you won’t have to do as much weaving in later.