Need hlep creating Puckered purse

I’m waiting for yarn to come in–so, I decided to knit one of my sketches.
I’m an artists and have sketchbooks filled with purse designs. I used to design and sew purses using vintage fabric, buttons etc.

I have a drawing of a knitted purse. Technically I’m totally lost!
A brief description in case someone has any thoughts about how to do this
__The purse is a simple rectangle, folded and sewn at the left & Right side.
__ :?? (this is the tricky part) I want to create a puckered or swag effect on the front and back. As if gathered on each side forming small folds on the front and back.

I thought I could pin a vintage brooch on the front of the bag.


so is it actually a drawstring bag or is the draw string “mock?”

if it is, wouldn’t the drawstring in use create the look you are going for?

Not really a draw string bag, but gathered on the sides to create swag effect in the middle of fron and back of bag. Boy, this is much harder to explain than I thought-- if I can’t figure it out soon I’ll post a drawing.

I’m afraid this will be a back burner project, always good to have one of those–it keeps it interesting!


When you say swag, do you mean a scallop effect at the bottom of the purse? You can use short rows to get a scalloped bottom.


Are you thinking , for example
CO 50sts
then knit a few rows and then steadily increase to lets say 100 sts. Knit a few more rows, then drecrease once again to 50 sts.

When folded in half it would make almost a triangle look, with the top sightly cut off.

See pic below.

:cheering: :cheering: Although neither suggestion was it, both responces helped me to figure it out!! It was a total eureeka expereince!!

You can probally hear my brain clicking, and squeaking (it’s a little rusty from overexposture to elmo and underexposture to using imcomplete sentences)

I’m trying to create several small folds in a rectangular shape. I’m thinking I can create the look by increasing in the center (to create the puckered folds) decreasing at the edges to keep perimeters the same. I’m sure my explanation is off mark–hopefully somewhat understandable.

Thanks guys, for your generous contribututions!

Now, before faint from all the brain activity I’m going to go watch some mindless t.v. (that should have me back to normal in no time)