Need help

I am trying to join sleeves to sweater but don’t understand pattern.
Here it is: join body and sleeves as follows: with 4.5 mm circular needle using A, place the last 8 sts and the first 8 sts of body on st holder for underarm. K first sleeve. K 88 sts for front, place 16 sts of body on st holder for underarm. K second sleeve. K 88 sts for back. Help!

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This sounds like a sweater knit in the round with a yoke. You want to join the sleeves on opposite sides of the tube of the body.
There’s likely a marker at the beginning of round. Knit to the marker and then knit 8sts after the marker. Place the last 16sts that you’ve just knit onto a holder. Knit across the sleeve sts which are on a holder and then continue across the next 88sts of the body. Place the next 16sts on a holder and knit across sleeve 2 then across the 88sts of the back of the sweater.
You may want to put a marker on the front of the sweater so that you can keep track of front and back.
What is the name of the sweater that you’re making?

The name of the sweater is Afmaeli. It is a lopi sweater by Istex. Still not sure how to attach the sleeves to the body. Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.

I like these yoke sweaters and this is an especially pretty example.

It’s sometimes difficult to see how joining the sleeves works and this tutorial may help.

Thank you for your help. I think this tutorial will do the trick.

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