Need help!

I have a pattern for a neck warmer and I’m stuck. I have 13 stitches on one needle and same on another and now it’s telling me to join loop front and back. K1 from one needle and k1 from the 2nd needle so they are once again back on one single needle all 26 stitches. Problem is it gets twisted when I’m done. I need to be able to continue knitting but when I get it done it’s inside out. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense b/c I’m totally confused. I think its making a hole to slip one side of the neck warmer thru. If you want to see the pattern it’s the bernat alpaca knit neck warmer with a flower.

Could you post a link to the pattern?

Here’s a link to the pattern.
Basically, at the point where you divide the sts, you’ve split the warmer into two layers, one layer in front of the other. One layer is on the straight needle and the other is on a circular needle. You work each piece separately for the given length and now you’re at the point where it’s time to join them together. Hold the two needles next to each other and parallel to each other in your left hand making sure the two pieces lie flat, one on top of the other and that they aren’t twisted. Use the other end of the circ or the other straight to knit the sts from the two needles, alternating which needle you take the sts from .Knit a stitch from one needle onto the right needle and then one st from the back needle.