Need help

hello, can anyone tell me if I can unravel a seed stitch to correct a mistake?

Yes you can. Here’s a video from You tube that shows how do do it in ribbing, which is similar to seed stitch with the knits and purls.

thank you, suzeeq! im almost done and I die if I had to start over. yuk!!

can you please tell me the title of the video? it will not load to my phone from this site. thanks again!

I’m wondering if you mean to let one stitch down to correct a misplaced knit or purl? If so the answer is still yes. You work to right over the wrong stitch, let it down and pick it back up with a crochet hook picking each ladder up in order one at a time. It might help to pick up the first stitch from whichever side of the piece you need to so that you can pick it up as a knit st. Then turn the piece over and pick up the need “ladder” as a knit. Keep turning it back and forth always working the stitch up as a knit. That will make it a knit on one side and a purl on the other like it needs to be. After you do a couple of rows up look at it carefully and see if it looks right. If not you probably started on the wrong side. Try again.

It’s called “How to Knit - Tinking in Purl and Rib”